April Blizzard

We’ve been hit with a spring blizzard this weekend. The St. Croix River has been mostly open for a few weeks, despite our colder than normal weather. Most of our snow had melted, but winter is back with a vengeance covering the ground with at least six inches of the white stuff. An icy slushy mix is floating on the river this afternoon.

Slushy mix floating on the river

While I walked through the winds and pelting snow down to the river, it reminded me of a scene I need to rewrite in one of my manuscripts. The scene where a boy is lost in a blizzard on his way home from school. My plan is to write five quick scenarios of what happens when he finally finds his way home. This forces me to come up with different ideas, some far-fetched, but sometimes I find just the thing to make the story come alive.

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