St. Croix River

When not writing or working, Karen would rather be on or near the St. Croix River than almost anywhere else. In the summer she can found sitting near the river with a book or camera in her hand or out on the water kayaking, boating or fishing.

The river changes daily. The sun and clouds give the river a different appearance, sparkling blue to gun metal gray. On foggy mornings, when the grey mist hangs over the river, the air is so still you don’t want to make a sound. In the winter months, spotting the graceful trumpeter swans makes the cold walk down to the river worth it.

Karen is working on a middle grade modern day tale of a girl who lives on the St. Croix River and stops men from polluting her river. Seventh grade has let out for the summer and Jessie escapes to the St. Croix River to find solace from her problems with her new blended family. She discovers men dumping chemicals and poisoning the river that flows past her home. Through her efforts to stop the river pollution, Jessie makes friends and finally feels at home with her new family.