Hot Air Balloon Affair

Hudson has a hot air balloon affair in February.

Hot Air Balloons Fill the Sky

The balloons launch at sunrise. It was still dark when we left the house. The sky had started to lighten when we crossed the river. We were worried the balloons would launch before we got there. By the time we found a parking spot, the sun was just peaking over the horizon. Turns out they start readying the balloons for launch at sunrise. The first balloons were just getting set up to fly. I wandered around balloonists prepping their balloons for a couple of hours. The temps were in the teens with sunshine and light winds.

Pirate balloon keeping his eye on balloons lifting off.
Looks like Red White and Blue balloonists are reaching out for the Yellow Ducky balloon. Both balloons are the same size.

Over 30 balloons lifted off during the morning. We saw a few landing on our way home.

Balloon landing in a field.

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